External Wall Insulation

Applying is quick and stress free

External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation is a popular way to improve the energy efficiency of a home and reduce heating costs.

It involves adding insulation to the External walls of a property, which can help to reduce the amount of heat lost through the walls and keep the home warmer for longer.

External wall insulation is a good choice for properties that have solid walls or cavity walls that can be filled.

It can also be a good option for properties that are not suitable for Internal Wall Insulation, such as those with damp or condensation issues.

External wall insulation can be installed by fitting insulation boards to the walls and then covering them with a protective render or cladding. This can be a messy and disruptive process, as it involves removing any existing render or cladding.

However, it is a highly effective way to improve the energy efficiency of a property and can lead to significant savings on energy bills.

Overall, both internal and external wall insulation are effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of a property and reduce heating costs.

The choice between the two will depend on the specific needs of the property and the preferences of the homeowner.

You can qualify for Heating control upgrades grants through the government's ECO4 scheme. The scheme aims to bring methods of energy-efficient and affordable heating to households that would struggle to afford it otherwise in an effort to lower the UK's carbon emissions and effectively tackle the issue of climate change.