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About us

My Eco Grant are a national organisation working primarily within the ECO industry delivering funded measures for eligible customers nationwide.

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) allows My Eco Grant to improve energy efficiency to customers through a range of measures that effectively improve the quality of living whilst reducing energy use.

The ECO scheme is an efficiency project to reduce energy use throughout Great Britain which was administered by Ofgem who remain the regulating body.

Targeting Fuel Poverty is a key focus for us as we look to eradicate a national growing issue that affects so many people every day.

My Eco Grant has been a continual story of success in the UK and has provided opportunity to the local community and beyond providing employment and job security. As we continue to deliver our targets from funding partners we continue to have a positive impact on the quality of living nationwide.

“These are the reasons we do what we do.”

We are committed to doing all we can to deliver savings across the nation and with our team we are fully equipped to manage projects from inception to completion with a real focus on customer experience.

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